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HIFU Machines

Provided HIFU Machines are primarily employed for slimming purpose. These machines are systems, acknowledged as anti-invasive body modeling instruments that deploy core pulsed ultrasound and additionally includes semi-conducting cooling, bipolar RF and cavitations advancement to selectively and instantly kill unsaturated cells sans any pain as well as down time for every body part. Our HIFU Machines are generally deployed for minimizing fat on buttocks, thighs and abdomen. The core ultrasound energy accurately targets a fixed mass, aiming just subcutaneous fat at some regulated depth. In addition, pulsed energy result is provided in explosion permitting regulation over increasing temperature.

Key Features:
  • Passes no harm on muscles, vessels and nerves
  • Cavitations offered for minimizing buttocks, legs and arms size
  • Integrated RF for customers’ face lifting
  • Offered with semi-conducting hand piece for cooling

Product Image (Liposonix HIFU)

HIFU Slimming Machine

Price: 4000.00 USD ($)/Set

  • Intelligent regulation, touch screen, easy to operate
  • No danger of trauma and infection
  • No wound, no anesthesia, no injection and no drugs during treatment
  • Touch screen interface and easy to operate

Product Image (HIFU Facelifting )

Face lifting Machine

Price: 4000.00 USD ($)/Set

  • No side effects appear after the treatment
  • Painless and safe procedure
  • Length of Treatment: 5.0~30mm 5.0/Stage Regulation
  • Treatment Tip: DS4-3.0mm, DS4-1.5mm and DS4-4.5mm

Product Image (03)

HIFU Body Shaping Machine

Price: 4000.00 USD ($)/Set

  • Non invasive body shaping device
  • Reducing fat on abdomen, thighs and Buttocks
  • Only targets tissue in fixed depth
  • Used 40khz Ultra sound cavitation