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Skin Laser Machine

We offer a qualitative range of Beauty And Personal Care machines for our clients. This includes skin treatment laser machine, painfree rf wrinkle removal device and ICOOL air cold, etc. It finds application in beauty medi spa, beauty center/ tattoo removal and so on. The laser pulses in nanosecond but with super high energy, hence the shot pigment mass swells quickly and breaks into small pieces, which is then eliminated through metabolic system. Beauty And Personal Care machines expends your practice with efficacious minimal risk of down time and pain regardless of skin type. Our machine provides direct heat both dermis and epidermis with precise depth control from 0.5mm to 1.5mm.

Key Points:

  • They help in achieving fractional and continuous treatment patterns.
  • We have a supply ability of 500 sets per month.
  • We strive to deliver thin within 7 days of receiving the order.
  • It offers painless and comfortable treatment.
Product Image (A14)

Q Switch nd yag laser skin care machine

Price: 8000.00 USD ($)/Set

  • Cooling System: Built-in distilled water-circle system
  • Output energy Level: 1-2000mj
  • Repetition Rate: 1-10hz adjustable
  • No harm to the hair follicle and normal skin during process

Product Image (A10)

Fractional CO2 Laser

Price: 8000.00 USD ($)/Set

  • Laser source: Metal RF co2 Laser Generator
  • Focal length of working head: F=50mm 75mm 100mm
  • Transmission System: 7-Articulation Joint Spring Arm
  • Indication Beam: Red Diode Laser(650nm, ≤ 5mW)

Product Image (ICOOL)

Cryo Skin Cooling Device

Price: 8000.00 USD ($)/Set

  • Auto defrosting system
  • Used to decrease injury and pain amid laser treatment
  • Long Pulse, diode laser, ND: YAG, IPL or alesandrite laser
  • Laser hair expulsion through Long Pulse

Product Image (SRF-4)

Painfree RF Wrinkle Removal Device

Price: 8000.00 USD ($)/Set

  • Needle Depth (Invasive): 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm
  • RF Conduct. Time: 0.1s-2s(0.1s unit)
  • RF Output: 1W-50W(1W unit)
  • Work Mode: CW mode, Pulse Mode

Product Image (01)

Skin Treatment Laser Machine

Price: 8000.00 USD ($)/Set

  • Light source: Q-Switch ND: YAG solid-state laser
  • Output energy: 1064nm: 100- 2 500mj; 532nm:100- 12 00mj
  • Energy density(max): 1064nm: 15.0 ; 532nm:6
  • 10.4inch TFT color touch screen

Product Image (SC-3)

CO2 Glass Tube

Price: 8000.00 USD ($)/Set

  • Works for 4 – 6 years without recharging
  • No requirement for outer water cooler
  • More better thermal dispersal
  • Very easy to learn and operate

Product Image (SC-2)

CO2 Laser Tube

Price: 8000.00 USD ($)/Set

  • Power: 1~30W step adjustable each 1 W
  • Pulse: Power 1~30W step adjustable each 1
  • Treatment area: 0.1*0.1mm, ----- 15*15mm.(F=50mm)
  • Working mode: 360 degree revolution